Applying for Admission


Application Checklist

As you prepare your Application you may find the following checklist helpful.  You may also want to review our Letter to the Applicant.  Once we receive all the materials below we will consider your application for admission. 

         ◊ Application
         ◊ Autobiography
         ◊ A transcript from high school (also from college, if applicable) or a GED grade record
         ◊ A statement of one’s SAT or ACT scores (if not on one’s transcript)
         ◊ Two recommendations
         ◊ A premedical form (after acceptance, a medical examination may be required).



Application Materials

You can download the necessary forms here:



Pastor's Recommendation form

Employer's Recommendation form

Transcript Request form

Preliminary Medical Questionnaire



If you’d like to have an Application packet mailed to you, please contact us.