Tuition & Financial Aid


BICS is committed to an ideal of debt-free education for its students. Student loans merely postpone the debt. Thus the Institute has designed a program that is low-cost to begin with, and also offers assistance in personal fund raising, procurement of employment, and housing.


Annual cost estimates are as follows:

  Tuition    $12,250
  (includes Bible lands travel and books)  
         Room   $2,490
  Meals (self-prepared -- estimated)   $1,500
  Other costs (besides personal needs)    
               Passport (valid for 10 years) $135
               Application Fee   $25
               Orientation Fee   $300
               Activities Fee   $400
              TOTAL ESTIMATED COSTS   $17,100

Room and board may be earned through local employment at a minimum rate of $10.00 per hour for a maximum of 24 hours per week. The Institute normally discourages Sunday employment to attend worship and engage in weekend ministries.  Of course, one may augment his or her costs for tuition and room and board with personal savings and/or help from parents.  Students must handle their own health insurance.