Alumni Spotlight

Kristi Ellis Libby (BICS 1989)

Kristi Ellis and her brothers were raised on a potato farm by Christian parents in Aroostook County, Maine.  They attended the Ashland Advent Christian Church. In school she was elected to the National Honor Society, participated in school sports and student government. She also sang in the Northern Lights Youth Choir and actively contributed to youth ministry in her church.

After her graduation from high school, Kristi studied nursing for three years and became a practicing R.N. She then moved to Lenox and enrolled in the theological education program at BICS working part time as a nurse. Upon graduation she remained in the Lenox area to work, participate in the life of Hope Community Church and serve on the BICS staff as Residence Director.

While serving on a Caravan team to San Felipe in 1995 with Hope Church, Kristi was called to full-time ministry with Mexican Medical Ministries headquartered in Lemon Grove, CA.

After language school she served for a year in Mexico at Hospital El Buen Pastor in San Quintin and El Buen Samaritano in Tijuana, working as a staff nurse. In 1998 she began serving in the home office as Medical Services Coordinator. Kristi coordinates the Weekender, MASH, and Dental/Surgical teams at MMM.

She married Craig Libby in 2004. For many years Craig was a successful business entrepreneur. He joined the MMM staff as the Caravan Coordinator in January 2005. He enjoys working with the caravan team leaders and helping them prepare their teams for Mexico.

Their son, Josh, joined the family in June of 2005 and has won over the hearts of everyone he has met both in the United States and Mexico.

Daughter Katie was born in May of 2008 and is already making new friends in Mexico.

Together the Libby family is always ready to lead medical and support teams in the Mexican Medical network of hospitals and clinics. They love to see God’s healing hand at work through the teams in the Baja and Palenque.

You can email Kristi at