Tuition At a Glance

The following is a simple breakdown of costs for the 2021-2022 academic year:

  • Tuition:  $13,500/year  
  • Books and Student Activity Fees:  $1,400/year 
  • Dorm Rent:  $2,605/year (payable with two $420 down payments (August and January) and then $70/week for 12 weeks each semester.   *Note: does not include the cost of self-prepared meals. **Also includes an $85 refundable security deposit.
  • TOTAL:  $17,505

You can view a more detailed breakdown of all costs on our tuition page. 

Financial Aid

BICS is committed to an ideal of debt-free education for its students. Thus the Institute works hard to keep student costs as low as possible, and also offers scholarships, provides assistance in personal fundraising, and encourages student employment to cover the cost of room and board.

Institutional Scholarships

  • Eligibility: students who meet all academic and financial requirements and who travel on the Bible Lands Tour
  • Note: neither the Bible Lands expenses nor the Bible Lands scholarship will appear on the student account statement. All current students who travel qualify for this scholarship automatically. 
  • Eligibility: students who have a parent who is actively involved in full-time Christian service
  • Eligibility: a student who has a parent who graduated from the BICS program
  • Restrictions: cannot be combined with the Alumni Sibling or Alumni Encouragement awards
  • Eligibility:  a student who submits all application materials and is accepted by February 1 ($300) or April 1 ($150)
  • Restrictions: cannot be combined with the Experience scholarship
  • Eligibility: a student who has a sibling who graduated from the BICS program 
  • Restrictions: cannot be combined with the Alumni Child award
  • Eligibility: Awarded to an accepted student who recruits a new applicant who successfully enrolls in the fall. To be eligible, the friend must name the accepted student on his/her application. 
  • Eligibility: A student who receives the Alumni Encouragement Scholarship recommendation from a BICS alumnus prior to submission of his/her application.
  • Restrictions: cannot be combined with the Alumni Child or Alumni Sibling scholarships. Only one award may be given per alumni and per student in a given year. 
  • Eligibility: a student who attends one of our BICS Experience days and who completes the admissions application within two months of his/her attendance at the Experience day.
  • Restrictions: cannot be combined with the Early Acceptance scholarship. 

The DiscipleBuilder Scholarship Fund

DiscipleBuilders become partners in the BICS ministry when they contribute a suggested $600 gift (or any amount of their choosing) to the DiscipleBuilders Scholarship Fund (DBSF). We encourage our students to solicit support of their family, friends, and churches through this special fund. 

All gifts received by BICS for the DBSF are distributed to students on the basis of their need and potential for success in the program. The generosity of BICS benefactors allows the Institute to distribute student aid. Awards are made each semester depending on the availability of funds and individual need. Information about the DiscipleBuilder Scholarship Fund is available on request.

Student Employment

We encourage students to seek out seasonal employment at one of many local opportunities. Employment at a minimum rate of $13.50 per hour will ordinarily help to cover the cost of room and board. Students should not normally work more than 20 hours per week, and the Institute normally discourages Sunday employment to attend worship and engage in weekend ministries.

Private Loans

Some students in the past have relied upon outside private loans to cover the cost of tuition. For more information, contact our office.