Application Checklist

When you’re ready, you can complete the Admissions Application online.  As you prepare to fill out the application, here’s some helpful information:


One component of the application is the Autobiography. This is a 500-600 word essay that describes:

  • 1) Your testimony (how you came to faith in Christ, what God is doing in your life now, etc.)
  • 2) Why you want to attend BICS (what influenced your decision to choose BICS, how are you hoping to grow through the BICS experience, etc.)

**We highly recommend typing your essay in a separate document and pasting it below so that you have a copy of your work.**


You will need to select 3 references and submit their names/email addresses/contact info in order to finish the application. 

  • Pastor/Church Leader Reference: to be completed by a pastor or church leader (elder, youth pastor, etc.) who knows you well. If you are related to the pastor, please a non-relative leader in your church to complete the reference.
  • Academic Reference:  to be completed by someone who can speak to your academic record/performance. If you were homeschooled, this can be either a parent or another adult who can attest to your academic performance. In most cases, this will be a teacher or school administrator. 
  • Personal Reference: to be completed by an adult (non-relative) who can speak to your personal character. In most cases, this will be an employer, supervisor, church member, or family friend.

Once you submit your application, these references will receive an automatic email with a link to the reference form. Please be sure to ask permission of the referrers prior to submitting the application. Also, please ensure the accuracy of the email addresses entered on the application. 


You will need to gather and submit your high school transcript, any relevant standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, etc.), and any relevant college transcripts. You can submit these during the application process or mail/email them separately. 


There is a $25 application fee which you can pay by credit card during the application process, or you can mail a check later. 


We’re here to help! Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Notice Regarding College-Level Credit

BICS operates as an independent 501(c)(3) religious organization with its principal mission to disciple young adults, and is not accredited or authorized by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education to award college credit or grant degrees. For additional information, please contact our office.

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