The heart of the BICS program is two semesters of intensive discipleship and learning which consists of ten core classes, Bible Lands travel, and various ministry and service opportunities.

Curriculum Overview

Classroom learning is an integral component of the BICS experience. All students are enrolled in two semesters of courses and educational opportunities in the following areas:

  • Bible
  • Theology
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Speech & Communication
  • Language & Writing
  • Worldview Formation
  • Theology of Vocation
  • Personal Planning & Management
  • Travel in Israel

Program and Policies

For more detailed information about the program, you may request a copy of our Program and Policies document. 

Notice Regarding College-Level Credit

BICS operates as an independent 501(c)(3) religious organization with its principal mission to disciple young adults, and is not accredited or authorized by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education to award college credit or grant degrees. The Institute’s courses and any recognition which its students receive upon successful completion of the program should be understood as being non-accredited. For additional information, please contact our office.

Educational Distinctives

  • Committed to the Bible: We believe that Christian education should proceed from the propositional truths of the Bible. Therefore, the Institute aims to integrate learning from a
    conservative, biblical perspective into all aspects of the program.
  • Discipleship Focus: From our founding, our mission has been to disciple young adults in the context of a Christ-centered and caring community. We believe that discipling students in the Christian faith and instilling in them a biblical worldview should be an integral component of Christian education.
    For us that has meant fostering a loving community in which students find encouragement, exhortation, and accountability. Every member of our faculty, staff, and administration is equally committed to the spiritual growth of our
  • Church Integration: The Institute understands its mission to be church-oriented. Faculty and staff are actively engaged in local ministry, with several serving as pastors. Our students are encouraged to integrate into the life of Hope Church, a community evangelical church in Lenox. In this local church setting, students find encouragement, support, counsel, and opportunities for genuine fellowship and service.
  • Bible Lands Tour:  The Institute is committed to an integrationof classroom instruction in the Bible and personal exploration of the lands of the Bible – especially Israel. A 14-day tour of Israel is included in the curriculum (second semester) and fully funded through the Wesley A. Ross Bible Lands Scholarship. Classroom instruction, a research project, and the travel experience are all integrated together into one course.


The following is an example course lineup for the BICS program: 

 FALL SEMESTER (15 weeks)
  Survey of the Old Testament
  Systematic Theology I
  Bible Lands Seminar [Section A]
  Dynamic Explorations of Written Language
  Biblical Interpretation for Life
  Biblical Stewardship for All of Life
  BICS101 – Foundations of Discipleship I
  Survey of the New Testament
  Systematic Theology II
  Bible Lands Seminar [Sections B&C]
  Basic Skills in Communication 
  Biblical Worldview
  Local Church & the Mission of God
  BICS101 – Foundations in Discipleship II