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A $10,000 Tuition Scholarship for Selected Students

We are committed to the mission of our founders to disciple young adults and establish them in a biblical worldview. Convinced of the value of the BICS experience, we’ve created a $10,000 tuition scholarship to be awarded to a limited number of selected students.

Students are automatically considered for the Founders Scholarship when they are accepted for enrollment prior to the scholarship deadline. Recipients will be selected by the Admissions Committee on the basis of their application materials and a personal interview with the Committee. 

Accepted students who are selected to receive the Founders Scholarship will be notified by letter before May 1, 2024. A $250 tuition deposit will be required by June 1, 2024 in order to secure the scholarship.

The Founders Scholarship will apply to tuition and fees only and will be credited $5,000 each semester. No portion of the scholarship can be refunded as cash to the student or credited as rent. 

Application Deadline

To be considered for the Founders Scholarship, students must complete their application for enrollment (including references and transcripts) by April 1, 2024.

Limited Availability

There are a limited number of awards available, so recipients will be selected following the application deadline on the basis of their application materials.
There are 12 scholarships available for Fall 2024.

With the Founders Scholarship and participation in the DiscipleBuilder Scholarship Program, students can reduce their tuition balance to $500!


Tuition, Fees,
& Bible Lands Tour


Your estimated tuition contribution after scholarships*
 Estimated Tuition, Fees, and Bible Lands Tour$20,700
Our commitmentThe Founders Tuition Scholarship– $10,000
Wesley A. Ross Bible Lands Scholarship– $5,000
Your OpportunityDiscipleBuilder Scholarship*up to – $4,000
Home Church Partnership**up to – $1,200
Your ContributionEstimated Tuition/Fees Balance

*DiscipleBuilder Scholarship Program

Founders Scholarship recipients may receive up to a $4,000 scholarship by participating in the DiscipleBuilder Scholarship program. Students participate in the program by writing to potential supporters (friends, mentors, church family, or anyone who would want to support his or her growth in the Lord) and inviting them to give to the DiscipleBuilder Scholarship Fund. When individuals respond to a student’s request and make a contribution to the fund, the student who made the request is notified. Subsequently, the Scholarship Committee awards funds in accordance with its guidelines. If students choose not to participate in the DiscipleBuilder Scholarship program then they will be responsible for this portion of their tuition/fees ($4,000).

**Home Church Partnership

Students are strongly encouraged to seek the support of their home church in the form of a Church Partnership. A full Church Partnership is $1,200, or the equivalent of two DiscipleBuilders. The Institute will supply each student with materials to help make this request. If students choose not to seek the support of their home church or if a church is unable to participate as a full church partner, the student will be responsible for this portion of their tuition/fees ($1,200).

Please Note: The Founders Scholarship can only be combined with the Bible Lands Scholarship and the DiscipleBuilder Scholarships. Any other Institutional Scholarships (e.g. Alumni Child, Early Acceptance, etc.) are superceded by the Founders Scholarship. 

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