The Berkshire Institute for Christian Studies offers a unique learning experience for emerging adults. We provide a year of academic instruction not unlike a freshmen year in college, and yet we are far more than a school.

The BICS experience is designed to ground students in the truth of God’s Word, to cultivate their Christian growth through community, and to encourage ordered living according to the wisdom of God. A year spent at BICS is a year invested in serious spiritual and life development – a year well spent.

Our students engage in church ministry, formal learning, mentoring, vocational planning, and firsthand exploration in the Lands of the Bible. These dimensions and more make BICS one of the most formative years in the lives of our students.

One of the key ingredients in our program is community. For nine months our students are embedded in the life of a local church, fully embraced by the faculty and staff, and knit together as brothers and sisters in Christ. These relationships form the heart of the Institute and create the ideal environment for God’s ongoing work of redemption.

Since 1988 our mission has meant challenging emerging adults to commit themselves to a one-year intense experience of study, travel, and personal growth within the context of a Christian community. Together, these elements of our program are designed to help students develop a biblical worldview to inform all aspects of their thinking whether they pursue vocational ministry or establish careers in other venues as expressions of their obedience to Christ.

Thank you for your interest in the mission of BICS. If you have further questions after looking through our website, please let me know how we can assist you in learning more about our program.

In Christ,

Andrew J. Rice