Special Post-Commencement Study: SCI 244 Introduction to Field Archeology

Introduction to Field Archeology is a beginning experience of participation in the excavation of a biblical site. The course includes at least ten days of excavation in the West Bank, Israel, visits to selected archeological sites throughout the country, and fifteen evening classroom lectures by academic professionals in the field. The lectures include topics on biblical geography, archeological chronology and biblical history, ancient pottery making and use, pottery typology, stone tools and objects, techniques and recording of archeological excavation, Israelite life in the Late Bronze I-Iron Age I periods (1483-925 B.C.). the biblical record of the conquest of Jericho and Ai, and the place of Khirbet al-Makatir in the conquest history. Students will obtain a general understanding of archeological field work, the relationship of archeology to history, and the contribution of archeology to our understanding of the Bible.